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About Jeff Rivett Consulting

Founded in 1990, JRC provides a variety of computer-related services to businesses and individuals. Our current focus is on web site development & administration, Wordpress, server administration (Windows, LAMP), documentation, proofreading/editing, system analysis, and general computing support.

Clients (past and present)

About Jeff Rivett

I've been working with and writing about computers since the early 1980s. My father's Apple II+ consumed most of my waking hours for several years, during which I taught myself programming, developed and sold a game utility and wrote several articles for Computist magazine. Consulting gigs paid my way through university, where I refined my skills and graduated with a BSc in Computer Science. All of my work experience since then is related to computers and I've held positions at all levels from data entry to Manager of Information Systems. Trained primarily as a programmer, I've done just about everything else in this field, including technical writing, formal testing, requirements analysis, design, user support (all tiers), management, team lead (development and technical), system operator, system administrator, network administrator, server administrator and so on. I also enjoy repairing pinball machines and run several game servers.