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Hourly Rates


  1. We never charge for preparation or research, or for resources - unless they are specific to the client.
  2. We do not charge for travel time or mileage unless we are responding to an after hours emergency.
  3. For new projects, an estimate of the effort involved will be provided to you.
  4. An invoice with a detailed work list will be provided to you monthly.
  5. We can work remotely or on site; either way we will need access to a computer on site. We don’t mind sharing a computer with you or your staff, but we’ll need priority.
  6. Our goal is to automate as much as possible, document everything and train your staff, so that you are eventually able to deal with all day to day tasks and most problems without our assistance. This does not apply to new projects and problems.
  7. We would rather train your staff to perform clerical functions than perform them ourselves.
  8. If you decide to hire someone to perform the work we do, you are free to terminate our relationship at any time.
  9. Everything we do will be documented, unless you explicitly request otherwise.